April 04, 2018
I finally finished the map of visual arts in Calgary! My last illustration class is this Thursday and although it was a ton of work, I confess I miss this class already.
We were extremely fortunate to have just five students and an amazing instructor. Jacqueline Hudon is such an generous person, and the most important, extremely professional. That's exactly what I need at this point in my career. She brings amazing materials to each class, is open minded on her feedback and gives space for everybody to speak. She creates an environment of collaboration and creativity that's is very motivating. Great class and I'm happy I was prepared to take the best of it.
So now let's speak about the work. We needed to draw a map and I decided I wanted to do a map of places a visual artist would like to visit in Calgary. I asked artists in the city about these places and selected the most mentioned to be on the map.
I also asked what these artists remember about the places, if it was the style of the buildings, type of artwork or overall feelings. I acquired some more information visiting the places and their websites.
With all that in hands, I sketch some ideas and developed an alphabet using ink and water brush. After scanning all the materials, I created digital icons and compose them Adobe Photoshop. The colour palette was inspired by some of the museums in the city.
I wish I could include all the galleries in the city, but that would be a much bigger map and project. So my criteria was to include: art museums and foundations, non profit experimental galleries, commercial galleries run by artists for artists and finally, the some commercial art hubs, like 11th ave Downtown and CKG on SE. I apologize for all the interesting places I left outside but this is just a school project and I needed to keep inside our schedule /limitations. Maybe if we launch officially I can add some more places!
Since it's an illustration/artistic project, I didn't care about accuracy. But if you are interested in something accurate, please visit Aught Space website, they are developing an app to connect with artists and galleries and it's been constantly updated with events. 
Anyways, thank you so much for visiting and follow my work. Hope you like it! Any comments? Please feel free to write me!
Thank you!
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