October 10, 2018
Cute and Fluffy collection is going in full speed and I'm developing almost one illustration a day! The store is full and gorgeous and production is at full speed. Did you visit my store recently? Take a look! http://bit.ly/JonaraStore
It's been incredible challenging to keep up with Inktober and my normal productions! However, I'm happy about how much Inktober is pushing my style in a new direction. It's a bit cartoonish but I love how the patterns are developing. Take a look!
Last but not least, this week I painted a "realistic" portrait using the stencil technique for the first time, It's an attempt to go in a more adult direction while keeping the color block approach and starting to add a few patterns. Still a lot to learn and improve, but it was fun and I'm happy about the result. I also started to add a white border to my paintings, aiming to have a cleaner finish, and also I started to have my signature incorporated to the drawings. I never liked this idea before, but in these internet times, people are sharing images without giving credit and some times, even cutting out signatures on purpose, so I decided to change my approach.
My good friend Louise from Letras e Cores got her portrait as a birthday gift
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