This week I'll just talk about my latest project for ACAD, a book cover illustration. I love how it turned out and had a great time during the creative process. Check it out!
Creating a book cover illustration
I started by remembering the plot. Into Thin Air tells the story of the disaster occurred at Mount Everest in 1996, in which eight climbers were killed and several others were stranded by a storm. It's a personal account of a real event.
I started with 3 options:
A representation of how long and hard was that journey. The colours were some left overs from another paint but I love them. The lettering get sparse as they go higher.
Dots represent how particles get sparse as you go up. I like the idea of the dots because they represent the air but also, in a poetic way, the death.
Somebody lays on the snow using sky boots. The shadow assumes the shape of a mountain.
I ran a pool on my Instagram and all ideas had basically the same amount of votes. But the class was unanimous, number 2 was the winner, with a few changes: less saturation and put the name on the bottom.
When I started drawing the final piece, I found the style of my drawing way too cartoony for such a serious and sad story, so I decided to design the actual Everest. I did a few sketches of the mountain and I actually painted a dotted version of that on a canvas. It took me about 14 hours of pain (pointillism is beautiful but very demanding!).
Finally I photographed, corrected the colours, added a few golden dots on the clouds to match the title and voila! We have the cover. It was a great process. Hope you enjoyed!
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