February 02, 2018
My sister an I are working on some illustrations about Brazilian Carnival for Tirabadori.
Two days ago I started to research images, videos and also my memories. The Carnival I love is the one from the 80s-90s. That's the one I watched on TV, the one from my childhood.
The interesting thing about carnival is that it's not only visually or musically beautiful, but it's also full of nuances and somehow express perfectly the soul of the Brazilian, at least the Brazilian that lives in my imagination. For me, watching the old parades is an emotional and nostalgic experience that easily bring me to tears
Brazil at that moment was just getting out of a long dictatorship period and the whole country was thirsty for breaking all the rules. There was a need for clearly establish the end of all censorship. Restrictions from politics or religion wouldn't be accepted anymore.
During that moment, I believe carnival depicted beautifully what meant to be a Brazilian in the 80s-90s. The challenging journey to make a mesmerizing presentation regardless of all the hardships, the poverty of the people who creates those unbelievable exuberant costumes, the improvisation and creativity to solve the problems, the drama of the broken parade cars, fire in the schools sheds, the audacity of showing the naked body with lust but somehow, innocence. Put all together in a wonderful samba and make the whole people sing away all the pain and suffering of life, for at least once in a year. Dance and go beyond any limits of what is expected from decency, social rules and censorship.
Particularly I like more the concept of carnival then the party itself. I'm attracted by the aesthetics, the colors, the involvement of the creators and how they used to dare everything and always push limits, the presence of the real people from the communities, workers who sacrifice everything for a dream of just one day.
Searching for images of carnival has been a rediscover of my own self, my own creative process and my roots. So much of this period influenced my vision and my choices in art, the kind of colors I choose, the kind of world I put on images, it's all a reflection of who I am inside, all these references and memories. I see carnival had a huge impact on who I am now and it's been great to explore these sources. Keep in touch to see other images that influence my work and finally the prints we are working on.
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